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Regular massage can maintain condition?

Expending energy compensating for bodily imbalances, makes your life more difficult. Restoring or maintaining balance, is key to well being and effective functioning of your body.

Restoring balance is what we do.

The objectives behind Bigfoot Massage treatments are "to remove pain, relax muscles and regulate uncoordinated mechanical relationships among muscles."

"Restoring muscles to a normal state by alleviating or eliminating metabolic by products, improve supply of nutrients to local areas, promoting metabolism. Increasing the extension of muscles to allow degenerated tissues to improve and recover gradually."

"Internal organs benefit by, applying proper abdominal manipulations, to regulate functional activities of soft viscera of the body cavity."

(TCM Discovery, 2009, p.11) .....

Regular massage can assist in maintenance of a healthy condition and improve your quality of life.

The amount of mental and physical stress in your life will determine your need for massage therapy. Inadequate levels of exercise can be compensated for, to an extent, with regular massage.

Mitigation of sports injury, improved posture and improved work performance are available from regular massage. Office injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, stiff neck, frozen shoulder and lower back pain, can be managed with regular massage.

'Acting Principles of TuiNa', TCM Discovery, No.1-2 Building, Creative Industrial Zone, Guimo Avenue, Guilin, Guangxi, P.R.of China 541004

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