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We are here thanks to the support of colleagues, teachers, friends and family. Most importantly, we are here because our clients trust and valuable feedback encouraged us to continue study and practice, for delivery of high quality massage therapy services.

Bigfoot Blog will discuss questions often raised by you, to enable your best result possible. If you have any questions you would like addressed in this blog, please let us know.

In the mean time, you are welcome to experience a service unique to Perth and we look forward to your visit.
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Australia Day 2021
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Bigfoot Massage is open on Australia Day, Tuesday 26 January.                                                           


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Health Fund Rebates and HICAPS
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Health Fund rebates and HICAPS* are available with Bigfoot Remedial Massage....                 

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January 2021 Pricing
Categories:  All  |  Offers  |  Notices

To maintain the high service standards you appreciate of Bigfoot Massage, we have new prices from 2 January 2021.


Pricing for Bigfoot Deluxe Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology and Swedish Massage will be;


30m       $50

45m       $70

60m       $85

            75m       $105

            90m       $125

            120m     $160


There is good news. The increase will be reinvested in our valuable Therapists and your quality service.


We trust you see value in the change and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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Covid Safe WA
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Domestic borders are opening and Christmas holiday travel season is here. We have a chance to manage the risk and opportunity ahead.


From 5 December 2020, new regulations require Bigfoot Massage to log your attendance.


To make your Bigfoot Massage visit seamless, you will be asked to scan our 'Safe WA QR Code', on arrival at reception. Scanning our QR Code with your mobile device, is all that is required of you.


If you are off grid without your mobile phone, don't worry. We have a manual Safe WA Log, to record your details.


You can prepare yourself by downloading 'Safe WA App' via the App Store or Google Play.


We have been blessed with good fortune to date. Now we have another means to protect you and your family's interests.

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Missed your call !?
Categories:  All
Sorry if we did not return your weekend phone call.


We try really, really hard to return every call. Saturday and Sunday call volume, can be overwhelming. Sorry if you have been disappointed.


To avoid disappointment, try booking a weekend visit, with a weekday phone call. Alternatively, a weekday visit may be just the thing.


Thank you for thinking of Bigfoot Massage.

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Seven PM Closing Time
Categories:  All  |  Offers

Our new closing time is seven pm, seven days a week.


Seven is our new normal.                            


A change ensuring your quality service.                                                                                                      


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Where is Bigfoot?
Categories:  All

In plain sight at 139 Newcastle Street Perth.

Open 7 days 10am to 7pm.                                                                                                                                                  

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Thursdays in Perth
Categories:  All  |  Offers

Bigfoot Massage is open on Thursday too! .....                                                                             

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How often should we see you?
Categories:  All  |  Health  |  Massage

We hear the question often and answers are as varied as the people asking.

Committing to regular massage is like making a New Year resolution. Life's inevitable ups and downs or unexpected demands, get in the way of wellness programs intended to give resilience to life's ups and downs.

Time or your lack of spare time, will limit your ability to commit to yourself ....

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Foot Massage Lounges
Categories:  All  |  Massage  |  Relaxation  |  Offers

At Bigfoot Massage Perth, we have foot massage lounges offering comfort, peace of mind and a great platform for therapists to work from...

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Freestyle with Bigfoot MC
Categories:  All
Bigfoot's guide to the benefits of massage for select occupations. More occupations will be added in future, unless we are asked to stop....
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Regular massage can maintain condition?
Categories:  All  |  Health  |  Massage  |  Neck Pain  |  Relaxation

Expending energy compensating for bodily imbalances, makes your life more difficult. Restoring or maintaining balance, is key to well being and effective functioning of your body.

Restoring balance is what we do.

The objectives behind Bigfoot Massage treatments are "to remove pain, relax muscles and regulate uncoordinated mechanical relationships among muscles."

"Restoring muscles to a normal state by alleviating or eliminating metabolic by products, improve supply of nutrients to local areas, promoting metabolism. Increasing the extension of muscles to allow degenerated tissues to improve and recover gradually."

"Internal organs benefit by, applying proper abdominal manipulations, to regulate functional activities of soft viscera of the body cavity."

(TCM Discovery, 2009, p.11) .....

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Bigfoot Massage Perth Tenth Birthday
Categories:  All  |  Offers
Bigfoot Massage Perth is ten years young today and looking forward to the future.

Thank you to all our customers, your backing makes everything possible. You are the greatest, it's all about you. We look forward to your future input and seeing you again soon.

Thanks to all the therapists and everyone behind the scenes. For your contribution over the years, Bigfoot Massage is forever grateful.....

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Massage Therapy and Singing Bowls
Categories:  All  |  Relaxation

Why does Bigfoot Massage not use singing bowls, yet they are pictured (14/09/16) on this Blog?....      

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Bigfoot Massage Rewards Program
Categories:  All  |  Offers

Bigfoot Massage Loyalty Program.


Buy ten and you get one free.


Just like a cafe coffee card, only better....                                                                                             

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Best Massage Pressure?
Categories:  All  |  Health  |  Massage  |  Relaxation

Is hard pressure necessary for good massage results?

No!   ...                                                                                                                                       

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Choose Bigfoot Deep Tissue Massage?
Categories:  All  |  Health  |  Massage  |  Offers

The safe and effective use of Bigfoot massage therapy has assisted our clients to prevent physical injury and disorder.

We use theory of 'compensatory regulation', to explain the mechanics of soft tissue injury. Once muscular spasm occurs, it will cause corresponding change in related muscles....

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Full body massage versus targeted treatment
Categories:  All  |  Health  |  Massage

Why is full body massage more effective than targeted or local treatment?

According to theory of 'compensatory regulation', areas of pain within your body may be the result of problems elsewhere in you body.

Consequently a full body massage is more likely to deal with your issues....

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Couples Massage Perth
Categories:  All  |  Relaxation  |  Offers

Bigfoot is able to accommodate couples requiring an exceptional massage. Double rooms are available and they are popular. Be sure to ring ahead....

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Massage Gift Vouchers Perth
Categories:  All  |  Relaxation  |  Offers

Gift vouchers are available from Bigfoot Massage....                                                                  

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Sunday Massage Perth
Categories:  All  |  Relaxation  |  Offers

Where do you go for a massage on Sunday in Perth?....                                                               

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Perth Remedial Massage
Categories:  All  |  Health  |  Massage  |  Neck Pain
By appointment, Bigfoot Remedial Massage is often used by athletes but is equally effective for everyday people. For mishaps such as falls or road traffic accidents, Remedial Massage is very effective. 

Many debilitating conditions that people associate with age can be traced back to an old injury and treated successfully, with a return of free movement and strength....
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Bigfoot Deluxe Relaxation Massage
Categories:  All  |  Health  |  Massage  |  Relaxation  |  Offers

This unique and deeply relaxing top to toe full body massage, requires a one and a half hour or two hour session with aromatherapy & hot Chinese herb pads, to achieve maximum results. 

Bigfoot Deluxe Relaxation Massage includes:...

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Bigfoot Deluxe Deep Tissue Massage
Categories:  All  |  Health  |  Massage
25 years of clinical massage experience and professional development. Thousands of years of Chinese clinical experience, theory, models of anatomy and physiology. It is all expressed in our unique "Bigfoot Deep Tissue Massage".

Enjoy the merits of Chinese TuiNa massage, Thai yoga massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, Japanese shiatsu, aromatherapy and reflexology.

Blended with techniques such as myofascial release, pressure points, trigger points and muscle energy. The result is "Bigfoot Deep Tissue Massage"....

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