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Thursdays in Perth

Bigfoot Massage is open on Thursday too! .....                                                                             

What is it with Thursday that could keep you away?

No twilight sailing on Swan, is scheduled on Thursday. No reason for sunsets and sail, instead of Bigfoot's Deluxe Relaxation Massage, on Thursday.

Thursday may have history. On Thursday 24 October 1929, the Wall Street Crash commenced and the Great Depression followed. It really wasn't so great. If Thursday still troubles you, a Bigfoot Deep Tissue Massage could be just the tonic.

Thursday has a reputation for some. "This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays". (Arthur Dent: Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy). If your Thursday is shaping up like Arthur's, try rebooting at Bigfoot. Don't panic, Constructor Ships are fiction.

To borrow from Jess Glynne, Thursdays are for tracky dacks and time out. Embrace your true self on Thursday with a Bigfoot Deluxe Foot Massage.

On Thursday, Perth's restaurants are easily accessible. Thursday really is a great day. You now have five more reasons to venture into Perth on Thursday!

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