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Freestyle with Bigfoot MC
Bigfoot's guide to the benefits of massage for select occupations. More occupations will be added in future, unless we are asked to stop....

If finance is your thing, the thrill of a deal will maintain your zeal. If you ever feel down don't short your position, let Bigfoot Massage restore your condition.

Life behind the wheel, for many is real. Seeing too much of the freeway, people cry out for leeway. When traversing the earth, good reason to pause is Bigfoot in Perth.

Dawn to dusk on the farm making a future from soil, you need time in the city to recharge your toil.

Children are great and parenting a test, a visit to Bigfoot will give you much needed rest.

Days on the keyboard are sedentary, the issue common and elementary. Don't wear down your stature and give up the ghost, let Bigfoot Massage be your restorative host.

Respect to the Doctor, dispensing all the answers would spin me like a helicopter. It won't take an age, for Bigfoot Massage to restore you as sage.

Long holidays the mythical feature of being a school teacher. Inspired pedagogy never issued from a mind that was foggy. If moulding young pupils leaves you needing restitution, let Bigfoot Massage be your Perth based solution.

Now you've sampled our words no need to disclose, our day job is safe with these rhymes on the nose. With no gig in sight we've no interest in flight. Here for the long haul and giving our best, isn't it time you gave Bigfoot a test.


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