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Full body massage versus targeted treatment

Why is full body massage more effective than targeted or local treatment?

According to theory of 'compensatory regulation', areas of pain within your body may be the result of problems elsewhere in you body.

Consequently a full body massage is more likely to deal with your issues....

Compensatory regulation can explain the mechanics of soft tissue injury, causing corresponding changes in related muscles.

For example, lumbodorsal muscular tension may cause compensatory regulation of the abdominal muscles and the left side can affect the right side. The upper body can affect the lower part of your body. (TCM Discovery, 2009, p.11)

Muscle tension and spasm caused by corresponding regulation, may also induce an injury reaction of soft tissues, after other tissues are injured. 

The injured site may send out some painful stimuli, which cause muscles to contract and tissues to be in an alert state, through the nerve reflex and transmission of transmitter.

Tension or spasm of muscles is the manifestation of this state. The effect of which is to reduce the activities of the body to avoid pain and further injury, due to traction of injured tissues, by too much movement. (TCM Discovery, 2009, p.8)

'Acting Principles of Tuina', TCM Discovery, No.1-2 Building, Creative Industrial Zone, Guimo Avenue, Guilin, Guangxi, P.R. of China 541004

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