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How often should we see you?

We hear the question often and answers are as varied as the people asking.

Committing to regular massage is like making a New Year resolution. Life's inevitable ups and downs or unexpected demands, get in the way of wellness programs intended to give resilience to life's ups and downs.

Time or your lack of spare time, will limit your ability to commit to yourself ....

If you are unfamiliar with massage and concerned about cost, weighted on benefits, where do we start?


"At least an hour, once per month" - Eric Stephenson LMT NCTMB 29/11/2018 [1]


Thanks Eric, your suggestion is useful to illustrate. Bigfoot Massage Perth offers a free massage with every ten. A monthly program of one hour $80 deep tissue massage, will cost less than $73 per session.


As for the benefits of regular massage, we concur with claims made in the link below. [1]


Your body's condition will determine how you respond to treatment. Some pain may be remedied with a single treatment. For chronic pain and muscle tension, more sessions are required. We suggest regular frequent massage, to maintain your body's condition.


People engaged in constant physical work, should consider weekly massage therapy.


Office workers find poor posture is often a source of lower back pain, stiff neck and chronic headaches. Fortnightly massage may be appropriate to remedy these conditions.


We emphasise, there is no one answer to the original question. Your circumstances and your condition are unique. As you become more familiar with massage and your condition, you will adapt accordingly. We recognise your time is precious and offer a flexible [2], quality Perth massage therapy alternative.


[1]         https://www.massagemag.com/how-often-should-you-get-a-massage-108983/

[2]         Your only commitment is to your wellbeing. It is all about you!

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